Home Based Fitness Business

Are you passionate about health & fitness? Do you like to keep yourself and those around you fit & healthy? Then a fitness business may be the best choice for you and creating a home based fitness business can be fun.

Everybody understands the importance of staying fit and healthy. But with our busy schedules, we either don’t have the time to visit a gym or the gym is just not conveniently located. Many fitness trainers have capitalized on this need to create smaller fitness facilities at a convenient location. Join hands with justyoufitness, as we allow you to do what you love, at the convenience of your home through our unique business model.

Our home based fitness business model is a great way to earn autonomy in your professional life while having the safety net of a trusted brand behind you. You will be your own boss and still not feel lonely. You can generate equal or more than a full-time income in a satisfying environment. Opting for a home based fitness business from justyoufitness is one of the best decisions a fitness enthusiast cum entrepreneur can take.

There are many other advantages of a home based fitness franchise

-          A home based gym is relatively small in size, thus less overhead expenses

-          It will allow you to be more in tune with your customers and can make them feel welcome, comfortable and appreciated

-          Home based tax deduction will further reduce your expense bill

-          A strong support from justyoufitness - studio setup, website creation, advertising, marketing to a highly experienced support staff, we guide you through each step from day one onwards.

Yes, you will require some level of investment and gather the necessary equipment to run a successful gym. Our business model has a proven successful track record. With an extremely low startup cost and other expenses our services and support to ensure that your business thrives.

Justyoufitness is a culture, a community where every member contributes to its success. Along with you, our franchise partner, we strive for best practices and professionalism resulting in the brand’s credibility and longevity. Our business model and operating systems have the ability to maximize revenue per customer.



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