The Best Fitness Franchise Opportunity

Imagine a place that is always buzzing, full of movement and there is no limit to the number of the person you meet or work with from different backgrounds. You are selling an enjoyable service you are very passionate about and facilitating a better life for your customers. Yes! We are talking about a home based gym.

Opening a gym seems to be full of opportunities as all health minded individuals are on a lookout for high-quality workout solutions providing value for their dollar and offering personal attention. Also, with the increasing number of corporate wellness programs and health insurance incentives fitness business is the perfect market. And if you have a passion for fitness, this is the best time to convert it into a career.

Owning a fitness franchise could be the perfect way to start. You will be an entrepreneur and still not worry about starting from scratch. It will reduce business risk and expenses while increasing profits and a proven way to scale up in less time.

Like the just you fitness franchise family. Their strong brand recognition and an ease-of-doing-business model combined with determination are the perfect equation for success. They offer ongoing training and support in every area of running your business. Right from shopping for real estate, if required, to drawing plans for the gym layout to procuring the equipment, completing the legal formalities and setting up the place; they offer indispensable advice and guidance.

Additionally, they are clearly in tune with their customer base and know how the industry is likely to grow in the next 1-5 years. This helps them to embrace new trends and allows their fitness franchise family to stay current and attract new clients.

The specialty about this franchisor lies in their efforts to see you successful. They have training programs to help you navigate through any issues as easily as possible while saving time, effort and investments. While a full business team including marketers, business coach, and technical experts help in attracting customers and retaining them. To start with, the initial investments and overheads are very low and even the royalty per month is fixed at the time of signing the agreement.


Just your fitness is an industry leader committed to health and wellness – boosting strength, agility, and physical ability including good nutrition and positive mental outlook. If this sounds like the team you want to join contact us.

Own a Personal Training Franchise and Laugh Your Way to Success

Turning your fitness passion and experience into a business can open up a number of opportunities. Starting your own gym may seem to be overwhelming, so here we are to talk about personal training franchise.

A partnership like personal training franchise enables even low investments to open home based fitness business, be an entrepreneur and still enjoy the continuous support of a big brand. Like just you fitness franchise helps in designing, building the location, doing some heavy duty marketing and assisting in every step of the way. Thus the prospect of taking their franchise involves a great deal of less risk and less investment.

 JYF personal fitness franchise is actually a

  • Unique private training conceptLink
  • Its operating system, leveraging the best business practices is a tried and tested method with successful results
  • It is the best opportunity to change lives of every individual with improved fitness and health
  • Overheads are low
  • Multi-unit opportunities are available to scale up
  • Limited seasonality
  • Low initial investment
  • Marketing and advertising support
  • Exclusive training

As one of the Just you Fitness franchise mentioned that initially, a step by step streamlined approach ensured that they understood the workings of a franchise. Then with unsurpassed assistance, the entire process was automated and they even generated a decent profit in a very short period of time.

They offer indispensable guidance and advice right from shopping for real estate to drawing up plans for gym layout, to continuous marketing efforts.

The best part about their franchise is its ability to generate dependable monthly revenue. As members are paying a fixed monthly royalty fees, the income from the business can be reasonably predicted.

Personal fitness will never go out of style. It I proved to be recession proof and has been showing a positive growth since the last decade.  As an increasing number of people are recognizing the need to take care of their body, the personal fitness franchise is one of the fastest growing industries.

Now that you are ready to take the leap, contact Just you fitness.

Final word:

JYF mission is to make your client achieve their physical fitness goals and to make you enjoy the road to fiscal fitness. 

Home Based Fitness Business Is The Ideal Way To Grow And Succeed

Home based business is all about working for yourself, having necessary management skills, industry expertise, technical skills, finance and a long-term vision to grow and succeed.

A home based fitness business is ideal for someone with a passion for fitness. Someone who knows that to look and feel better, good physical fitness is important and they want to spread this passion to the world.


It is this passion, enthusiasm and motivational skill that is important to start a business from home. Additionally, you should have the knowledge and experience in personal training and the aptitude to manage your business.

Before you set up shop do some research:

1.       Demand: consider the potential client base in your area. Do your friends and neighbors know the importance of physical fitness? Consider telling them, your demand may just grow.

2.       Specialization: many trainers focus on specific groups, such as seniors, women or children, while others prefer to train in pilates or body building. Choose your area of specialization that you will enjoy training in and then equip yourself accordingly.

3.       Franchisee support – according to research it is getting increasingly difficult for an individual to sustain and scale a home based business. Taking up a franchise of a renowned company goes a long way in stabilizing the business, increasing client base and still being your own boss. 

4.       Certification – get certified for fitness; this will give you more credibility and encourage clients to take your services. National Academy of Sports medicine and the American Council on exercise offer various levels of Certificate and Diploma programs. Advance knowledge in physiology and first aid is equally important.

5.       Insurance: buy an insurance policy as you may be sued if injuries occur.


If this looks like too much of work then leave all your worries to Just you fitness. Taking up their franchise is just one of the best ways to start your own home based fitness business, hassle free. Their marketing team will auto pilot all your marketing efforts while the technology team will custom create your website and even optimize it for search engines.

It is the most affordable investment a fitness enthusiast can take to start a home based fitness business which will yield high profits with low risks. 

The Best Reasons To Start A Home Based Fitness Business

The rise of health and fitness chains is a good proof that people are willing to get in shape and dedicate a lot of time and money to achieve it. That being said, what is it that people actually look for while selecting a health club? Is it traveling convenience or affordability or atmosphere? Well, the answer is relatively simple. All of the above and more!

People want their health club to be conveniently located, should be affordable, must have quality exercising equipments and a friendly atmosphere. A personal space; not too over sized nor too pricey. So it can be easily concluded that home based fitness business in this era will certainly be profitable.

And keeping this growing trend in mind justyoufitness is offering franchise options. It is the perfect opportunity for:

  • An entrepreneur to run a business with minimum investment
  • A homemaker to earn extra income within the comforts of her home

Rest assured their management team provides every support required, right from setting up a state-of-the-art fitness studio to preparing business and legal documents and everything in between. Of course one needs to fulfill the prerequisites of being a fitness enthusiast with a strong work ethics and a genuine passion for working with people.

However, the most important component of owning a home based franchise business from justyoufitness is the low cost:

  • The investment is low
  • Setting up cost is low
  • The monthly maintenance fees is low
  • Labor cost is low

Setting up a franchise is an important decision but a very simple process and they make the journey clear, informative and fun. Once the franchise is given, they help the gym to thrive. Their team provides tools, trainings, and every support needed. That way the owners can focus on getting their clients in shape.

Once the business matures and the gym franchise is proud of it, work life balance can easily be maintained that everyone will envy. They can spend significant time traveling or opening a second location or simply spending quality time with family.

In short owning a home based fitness business is the most lucrative option to earn money and maintain a good work-life balance. Contact them today to know more.


Home Based Fitness Business

Are you passionate about health & fitness? Do you like to keep yourself and those around you fit & healthy? Then a fitness business may be the best choice for you and creating a home based fitness business can be fun.

Everybody understands the importance of staying fit and healthy. But with our busy schedules, we either don’t have the time to visit a gym or the gym is just not conveniently located. Many fitness trainers have capitalized on this need to create smaller fitness facilities at a convenient location. Join hands with justyoufitness, as we allow you to do what you love, at the convenience of your home through our unique business model.

Our home based fitness business model is a great way to earn autonomy in your professional life while having the safety net of a trusted brand behind you. You will be your own boss and still not feel lonely. You can generate equal or more than a full-time income in a satisfying environment. Opting for a home based fitness business from justyoufitness is one of the best decisions a fitness enthusiast cum entrepreneur can take.

There are many other advantages of a home based fitness franchise

-          A home based gym is relatively small in size, thus less overhead expenses

-          It will allow you to be more in tune with your customers and can make them feel welcome, comfortable and appreciated

-          Home based tax deduction will further reduce your expense bill

-          A strong support from justyoufitness - studio setup, website creation, advertising, marketing to a highly experienced support staff, we guide you through each step from day one onwards.

Yes, you will require some level of investment and gather the necessary equipment to run a successful gym. Our business model has a proven successful track record. With an extremely low startup cost and other expenses our services and support to ensure that your business thrives.

Justyoufitness is a culture, a community where every member contributes to its success. Along with you, our franchise partner, we strive for best practices and professionalism resulting in the brand’s credibility and longevity. Our business model and operating systems have the ability to maximize revenue per customer.



Home Based Fitness Business

Do you want to be your own boss? Are you passionate about being fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Use your thirst for fitness to build an in-home personal training business. In today’s age people are getting more and more conscious about their health and continuously trying to find out ways to live a healthy lifestyle. In such a scenario starting a home-based fitness business will be the best decision for you. It will fetch you great returns with very little investment. Read this issue carefully, to know more about building your brand in home based fitness business.


Outline Your Core Goal & Mission: You need to define why you are into home based fitness. Do you want to help people live a fuller and healthier life? Do you want to guide and train people about various exercise routines? Do you want to assist people in achieving their fitness goals? Make a precise mission statement to help people know what you are selling.

Get Certified & Complete the Training: If you want to be a fitness coach, it is essential for you to first acquire a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) designation from any accredited programs. You can opt for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) or the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified courses. It adds to your brand value.

Framework a Pricing Plan: You need to research the potential customer in your area. Set 4-5 packages accordingly. All the packages you are offering should have an expiration date.

Get the licensing done for your business from the regulatory authority

Acquire the exercise equipment you need: Make a list of the gear and the quantity of each equipment you need. Do not clutter your work space. There should be ample space in your home fitness centre for the clients to workout comfortably.

Marketing Strategy: Maintain a professional website. Ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Set up individual plans for all your customers and help them track their fitness goals. Positive testimonials from the clients can be posted on the website.

For a head start to your business, you can invest in a franchise opportunity. Reputed fitness companies provide a comprehensive solution that supports individuals in starting their own branded home based fitness business through an exclusive, established system.

All you Need to know About Starting a Home Fitness Business

Are you passionate about fitness and staying healthy? Do want to encourage others to do the same and get paid while sharing your enthusiasm for fitness? Consider starting your own home fitness business. The fitness industry is booming at a very past pace in America. Fitness training is fast becoming one of the hottest lifestyle career option in the country.

You can start your own home fitness business now! Follow these simple steps to get started:

Get the proper training and qualification. The most popular and credited certifications include the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), ACE (American Council of Exercise), and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

Learn the fine art of self-promotion. Utilize social media and set-up a blog for promoting your home based fitness business. Share testimonials of extremely satisfied customers, success stories, before and after pictures, write about nutrition and importance of fitness to reach out to the potential clients

Find out about the demand and know about prospective clients in your area for a home fitness business. Before you convert your basement into a fitness area, you must crosscheck the community zoning laws to see if you’re even allowed to operate an in-home business.

Buy the appropriate training equipment. Firstly, decide on the type of training and exercise regimen you want your clients to undergo before spending money or renting gym equipment for your home fitness business.

To drum up your home fitness business you can use strategies like client referrals, advertising on bulletin boards & magazines, offering discount package deals, create a professional website which should contain educational content about motivational strategies, exercise tips and fitness articles from reputable sources.

To give a head start to your home fitness business own a Just You Fitness franchise. They are among the top rated private personal training companies. There team will train and guide you to ensure your business performs exceedingly well. With extremely low start-up costs and very low monthly overhead expenses you can reap huge profits.

Post your queries at Just You Fitness official website and get started with your home fitness business now!


The Home Based Fitness Business is a Very Healthy Option

Exercise is the best medication for a whole lot of people. It helps in de-stressing, rising health and having fun at the same time. This can be the reason the fitness   market is growing rapidly each year. So beginning a Home based Fitness Business in certainly the most effective thing to think about. You may not are aware of it however it's the most effective way to stay active and earn cash.

Everyone looks for convenience in each & every aspect   of their life. This includes the fitness realm. We wish to work out however time could be a massive consideration. Thus a conveniently located fitness gym would be the popular choice.

Taking this data into consideration, Just You Fitness is providing a unique business model – Home based Fitness Business. They have identifies situation faced by several and provided an awfully apt solution for it.

Their aim is to form smaller fitness facilities in strategically placed location around the country. This implies a fitness enthusiast will run a business entirely from home, earn an income and manage the business destiny.


Thinking from a private trainer’s point of view, a Home based Fitness Business from Just You Fitness will bring in plenty of opportunities to them.

On an average, a personal trainer isn't paid well as any other staff. Setting up a business at home at a low investment price could be a positive way of generating more income daily. They get to keep the whole amount a client offers them. In other words, a trainer won't have to split his income with a gym.

Because the pay is a smaller amount they are forced to either work on many gyms or take up a part time job as well. This drawback will be totally eliminated due to the brand name and also the promoting support provided. Just you Fitness are recognized by many people across the country. So a personal trainer associated with them can never run out of clients.

Additionally, Just You Fitness provides each Home based Fitness Business, support in setting up and promoting it. If you lack the experience and resources to run a business, Just You Fitness is there to support you.

This Home based Fitness Business is definitely turning a lot of head, with several franchises already up and running.

Personal Training Business from Home

Personal Training Franchise

Regular physical activity is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle. Benefits of being active are numerous including weight loss/management, stronger immune system, reduced risk of various diseases, and better overall mental and physical health. Scientists, doctors, and other professionals recommend at least 150 minutes of regular physical activity per week and, frankly, that’s a reasonable goal that everyone can achieve. Regardless of your fitness goal e.g. weight loss, toned body, better health, the chances are high you’re going to join the gym where personal trainers can help you accomplish what you set out for yourself.


That’s not a bad thing, but there’s one slight problem. When there are many people in the gym, it’s harder for you to focus. You don’t concentrate on your workout and the performance suffers. That’s why you don’t achieve your fitness goal even when you go to the gym regularly. Do you want something better? If your answer is “YES,” then you should join Just You Fitness, a personal training franchise which can help you improve fitness levels, lose weight, strengthen your health, and earn money at the same time.


No, this is NOT a trick!  Just You Fitness provides one of a kind, private training concept where you get to train with one of the best trainers in the entire country. This way, you don’t have to go to a gym, you’ll be more focused on your workouts instead of chit chatting with other people. When you’re working with us, all sessions are thoroughly planned according to your current fitness levels, desires, and preferences.


That’s not all; we also give you a unique opportunity to become a member of our personal training franchise by installing the equipment in your own home and working with clients. Isn’t that amazing? You can turn your newfound love for fitness into a successful business.


Seems tempting? All you have to do is to apply, and we give you all the necessary training, education, equipment and other things you need to start your career in the ever-growing fitness industry.



To find out more about our personal training franchise, feel free to contact us.

Personal Training Franchise

Personal Training Business From Home

Although everyone’s different, we have similar goals. We want to maintain weight at a healthy range, fend off numerous diseases, and have a successful career. However, the chances are high you didn’t think you could do all those things and much more at once. What if we told you that you could get your dream body, become healthier, and earn money at the same time? You’d think we’re going crazy, wouldn’t you? We're offering you a real opportunity that you can use and earn money while building your dream body.

A healthy lifestyle is essential, ask any doctor, and they’ll tell you the same thing. To accomplish that, you don’t need a rigorous diet plan and some expensive products. All you need is to have a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly. What we’re offering to you is the chance to work with us, set up a personal training business from home and watch your financial situation repair itself just like your abdominal muscles.


Just You Fitness is a fitness franchise that is not like any other. It offers a whole new approach and perspective to physical activity, fitness, and career improvement. While other fitness franchises are oriented towards taking your money, ours is created to help you earn it. Isn’t that amazing? Just You Fitness provides a private training concept and one-on-one approach. When training with us, there are no distractions, other people, and complex workout regimes that don’t match your fitness levels.


There is a multitude of benefits of having personal training business from home such as customized workout plans, adaptability, and it’s easy for you to track your progress. Your clients can do the same, get their dream body without hassle in the gym, other people looking at them and chatting them up thus directing the focus of their attention from exercises to unimportant things.

Having a personal training business from home allows you to be your boss. It’s a practical and affordable investment that will pay off just like it did to other trainers who’ve been working with us for more than five years. This is a unique way to attract and retain clients and poses as a simple way to succeed. Why? It’s because your success is our number one priority.


For more information about personal training business from home and other benefits of Just You Fitness, feel free to contact us.

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